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Sleek city-proof, minimalist, smooth riding commuter electric bikes.

Expert Review :

Designed with solutions to bicycle problems in mind, VanMoof bikes are crafted with theft-deterrent and safety features built into their minimalist frame lines. The company has integrated a number of creative features to help keep thieves at bay.

First, your bike knows you (well, it recognizes you electronically) after you’ve set up your details in the company app, and so it automatically deactivates the internal theft-deterrent features as you approach. If anyone but you tries to take your VanMoof, the onboard alarm activates, starting with a low growl and an image of a skull on the display, then growing steadily to an ear-splitting howl if the prowler doesn’t back off. An integrated back wheel lock makes it tough for the wrong rider to roll away with your new wheels.

VanMoof’s front-mounted motor is different from most e-bikes on the market. This placement changes the weight balance considerably, and also alters the stresses on the motor, as it no longer has to turn the chain. The feel of a front-mount motor is different and may take some getting used to for some riders who are new to the design.

VanMoof offers two basic models on the market, the X3 for smaller riders with it’s lower top tube and 24” wheels, and the S3 with the top tube up and large 28” wheels. Both models are available for purchase online or at one of the company’s stores in New York, Seattle, or San Francisco.

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VanMoof S3 Electric Bike Review and Discount
Expert Review :

At first glance, you may not even be able to tell that the 46-pound VanMoof S3 is an electric bike. The S3 is definitely one of the best-looking e-bikes in the game.