Pedego Comfort Cruiser Review and Discount

Boasting ten years of production since its introduction, the Pedego Comfort Cruiser has benefitted from its years of experience.

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Pedego Electric Beach Cruiser – E-Bike with Classic Cruiser Style

Boasting ten years of production since its introduction, the Pedego Comfort Cruiser has benefitted from its years of experience. As the name implies, the style of the Comfort Cruiser is casual, like the beach cruisers you’d find rolling along the boardwalk at a seaside resort. A wide, well-cushioned seat is designed for comfort, and swept-back handlebars allow for a comfortable cruising position on your ride.

While many other types and styles of electric bikes have come on the market in recent years with specially purposed designs, whether for cargo hauling, commuting, or off-road trail riding, the Comfort Cruiser continues to fill a niche of its own. As the name promises, it’s a cruiser built for comfort.

With its big thick rear rack that’s built to house the standard 36V / 10ah battery, you can carry some gear as you go, whether for a quick grocery store run for a few essentials, a duffel bag for your workout, or a briefcase for work. Be aware, though, that the racks on the bars aren’t standard rack size, so you may have some challenges adding on certain aftermarket accessories like panniers or a cargo box. The Pedego company offers add-on options that will fit if you need more hauling capacity.

The Details

Featuring a power boost provided by a 350W nominal power hub-mounted electric motor that’s controlled with a twist-and-go throttle on the right side of the handlebars, the Comfort Cruiser gives you the option of gliding with electric power or pedaling on your own power. The five levels of power assist take you through a range of speeds up to 20 MPH, and you can push faster on your own beyond what the power boost provides if you’re so inclined.

Designed more so for cruising than crushing it, the Comfort Cruiser features a laid-back geometry to provide an upright, easy-going ride without breaking a sweat. The Shimano Acera 7-speed drivetrain gives you plenty of options to shift into the ideal gear depending on the terrain and your energy level. The right-hand thumb-shifter is simple and has a clear indicator helping keep you aware of which gear you’re in.

The 2.5″ backlit LCD display with a USB charger is adequate, if not a bit limited. The display only gives basic information on the status of your charge and whether your motor is on. For those who enjoy more detailed information like your speed or a GPS for route tracking, there’s always the option of an aftermarket add-on. Given is a laid-back cruise the boardwalk kind of electric bike, those features might not be a concern for some riders.

The frame size and style come in three options on the current Comfort Cruiser. The 26″ is available two ways: the classic style with a top bar (step-over style) or in a low slung step-through for easier on and off. The 24″ frame comes only in the step-through style with a low bar between the seat post and stem.


  • Reliable

    With a decade of experience producing the Comfort Cruiser, the Pedego people have created a nearly perfect cruising machine with a comfortable upright posture and enough power to supplement your ride with a smooth power boost.

  • Easy-riding

    With its swept-back handlebar and well-cushioned saddle, the Comfort Cruiser aims to make bike riding low-stress and fun for getting around town or commuting to the office.

  • Stops as good as it goes

    Mechanical disc brakes designed for all-weather braking provide ample stopping power to get you safely back down from 20 MPH to zero smoothly and efficiently.

  • Local

    With a network of dealerships across the country, the Pedego pros are nearby if you have questions, want to upgrade and accessorize your ride, or have service needs with your bike.

  • Options

    You can pedal on your own in Free Ride Mode with no added power, or enjoy five levels of pedal assist with throttle override, or even sit back and turn the Twist-and-Go throttle to let the motor do the work for you.


  • Extra-thick

    The rear rack tubing wraps around and protects the back-mounted battery, but it’s a bit unique — it won’t accommodate all types of accessories that you may want to add for carrying things, such as panniers or a cargo box. The company provides branded options, so you’re not totally out of luck if you want to add some extra hauling capacity.

  • Back-heavy

    With the weight centered on the back in the rear-rack mounted battery and rear hub motor, the handling of the Comfort Cruiser is a bit less responsive than on a similarly styled motorless ride. You’ll get used to the feel in no time, most likely.

  • Rear light only

    With no front headlight, night riding isn’t a safe option. Sure, you can add one of your own, but it’s nice to have one built-in and wired to the bike’s main battery to avoid worries about batteries. The rear light has a manual on/off button, which is good and bad: good, because it won’t drain the battery, bad because some people are prone to forget to turn it on.

  • Suspensionless

    The Comfort Cruiser is made for smooth city streets or wide paved beach boardwalks. With no suspension, front or back, the ride isn’t designed to take tons of bumps or rough terrain. The optional Schwalbe Fat Frank tire package gives you 26 x 2.35 balloon tires that will smooth out some of the speed bumps and divots you inevitably find along the way.

  • Minimal Display

    With an LCD display that only provides your power supply status and on-off light indicators, you may be missing out on some details you’d like to know about your ride. Again, aftermarket options are available if that information is essential to you.

Try it Yourself

With more than 140 exclusive Pedego stores around the world, you’re likely to be close to a dealer. The company is proud of the passion that the owners and staff at the stores bring to share with their interested customers. They offer advice, answer questions, fix mechanical issues that you may have, and let you take a ride on one of their bikes whenever you’re ready.

The Comfort Cruiser is a solid all-around e-bike choice. While it’s far from the cheapest on the market, it offers tremendous value in a reliable, well-built, and thoughtfully designed electric boost bicycle for the money.

E-bike specs

500W, Rear-Mounted Geared Hub
Samsung 36 volts Lithium-ion (Optional 48v)
3.5 hours
15 - 35 miles (24 -56 km)
Fixed LED Console, Battery Level (Green, Yellow, Red)
Twist Throttle
20 mph (32 kph)
58 lbs (26.3 kg)
6061 Aluminum Alloy
7 Speed 1x7 Shimano Acera M360 with Smartcage, HG20 12-32T Cassette
Rear Rack Bosses, Fender Bosses, Bottle Cage Bosses
SRAM Avid BB7 Mechanical Disc Brakes, 180 mm Rotors
Schwalbe 26" x 2.3" Tires


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