SONDORS Fold X Folding Electric Bike Review

Have you had enough of the hassles of a bike rack on the back (or roof) of your car?

Expert Review :

SONDORS Fold X – Best Selling Foldable Ebike

Have you had enough of the hassles of a bike rack on the back (or roof) of your car? Are you tired of locking your expensive e-bike at a rack and worrying all day about whether it will still be there when you return for it? The Sondors Fold-X folding electric bike might be the answer.

With a sturdy hinge built into the main tube just ahead of the seat post, the Fold-X doubles over so the two tires are side-by-side in a big, rectangular-ish chunk of metal and rubber that can, most likely, fit in your car’s trunk or back hatch. While it’s not tiny by any means, the folded bike can go onto many public transit options with you, or can even go up into elevators and typical office spaces. Additionally, it can help avoid theft as the Fold-X can be stored or brought with you in most cases,

Folding bikes, called “folders” by some enthusiasts, have come a long way since they were introduced as a commuter option many decades ago. There are still some odd-looking models on the market, reminiscent of some kind of child’s toy or scooter, with small wheels and thin frame bars set low to the ground, but the Sondors Fold-X won’t ever be mistaken for one of them. When it’s folded out to riding mode, the hinge is fairly obvious but probably not the first thing most people notice. The look is that of a full-size, fat-tired mountain bike.

And since the 500-watt hub-mounted motor isn’t the most prominent feature of this machine either, you won’t be likely to draw stares or questions about whether you are riding a “real bike” when you are on your Fold-X. The 48V, 14 Ah (Amp-hour) battery (and wiring) is built into the main tube, giving it an extra-wide, super-sturdy look but not screaming out “I’m riding an electric bike” along the way.

The other side of having a “normal” look and feel to a foldable e-bike, though, is that it’s not exactly super-compact in the way that some original folders were and still tend to be. Tipping the scales at 66 pounds, in a fully folded package about the size of a small desk, the Fold-X is ‘compact’ in theory but still pretty bulky.

It will fit in many car trunks, and it can be lugged up to the office as needed to avoid locking it up on the street where it’s vulnerable to thievery, but it’s still a big chunk of folded bike, for sure. It will take up a fair amount of space, still, and may help you to develop your arm muscles as you get used to bringing it along wherever you go.

The Details

As a well-built e-bike with a good amount of power, the list price of just $1199 for the Fold-X on Sondors’ website is a pretty remarkable value. Sure, there are cheaper e-bikes available, and yes, an amount of money over a thousand dollars is still a bit of an investment, but you get a fair value for your money with the Fold-X.

WThe 500W Bafang motor provides five levels of power assist with a thumb-throttle controller, taking you up to 20 MPH with ease. The built-in 48V 14 Ah battery provides an estimated 40 to 60-mile riding range on a charge.

With the included 3A smart charger, you can recharge your Fold-X in about 2-3 hours, especially if you follow the company’s recommendation to recharge when you are at about 70% of battery discharge. A complete charge from a fully drained battery can take up to six hours.

You can rip through the seven speeds of the transmission simply and smoothly with the gear shifter built into the right grip. Change gears with a twist of the hand to handle hills and rugged terrain with ease.

The forged aluminum frame and aluminum rims help to keep the weight down on the bulky bike, coming in at 66 pounds total. The tires are somewhat small in height, as is typical with folding e-bikes, maintain quiet a bit of wide. The 20″ x 4″ fat tires help smooth out the road bumps and give excellent traction on various surfaces.


  • Portable

    Foldable frame fits in places a full-size bike won’t go for storage and transport.

  • Stylish

    The Fold-X looks and handles a lot like a typical fat tire mountain bike, even with the extra features of an electric assist motor and folding frame.

  • Sturdy

    Built tough to handle trails and off-road riding, the Fold-X gives a smooth ride on its fat tires.

  • Affordable

    At a list price of just over a thousand bucks, the Fold-X is in the medium range of e-bike prices, providing a pretty solid value for the features and details provided.


  • Missing extras

    There’s no built-in back rack, no included lights front or back, and no kick-stand that come standard on many e-bikes.

  • Bulky

    Whether open to full-size or folded in half, the Fold-X takes some space. Even its folded size of 39” x 18” x 29” is about the size of a kitchen appliance, about like a dishwasher (standard size: 24” x 35” x 24”), for example.

  • Not a specialist

    The Fold-X does many things well but isn’t built to do any one thing especially great. It’s a mountain bike, but with a potential weak spot at the hinge; it’s a commuter, but not ideal for long-distance city riding; it’s an e-bike with an average-powered motor to boost you up hills and long distances.

  • Requires some patience to get

    According to Sondors’ website, they build your Fold-X to order. When you put down your payment for your bike, they start to build one for you. As a result, they don’t promise a speedy delivery, such as within a couple of weeks, and certainly not the immediate satisfaction of picking up your new wheels at the local shop. Instead, they ask for your patience as they keep you informed of the progress of your order over the 90 to 120 days that it takes to create the bike you’ve ordered and send it on its way to your doorstep (where a slight bit more assembly is required on your part).


The Fold-X from Sondors offers a lot of value for the money. It’s sturdy and heavy-duty, so it can take off-road trail riding, even in mud, loose sand, or snow conditions, with its fat tires. It’s priced relatively low for the features and provides and robust, solid build. It makes sense that it is SONDORS best seller.

With its fat tires smoothing out the bumps, the Fold-X can take some rough conditions reasonably well. It’s far bigger than the classic “folder” many people have in mind when they imagine a folding bike, but it can still collapse down to fit into places that a full-size bike can’t go.

E-bike specs

500 WATT
15 AMP
48V 14Ah Li-ion battery with Panasonic® cells
40-60 miles*
Up to 20 mph
3A Smart Charger Included
Aluminum Rims
7-speed With Grip Shifter
Premium Ergonomic Gel
LCD Screen
Black/White Digital
Forged Aluminum
Total Weight
66 lbs
Standover Height
Folded Dimensions
39” x 18” x 29”
Load Capacity
300 lbs


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