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7 Reasons That Electric Bikes Are an Excellent Alternative to Electric Vehicles

Some people are huge fans of electric cars, while others are finding themselves excited by the electric bikes that are increasingly found on the market. While both of these forms of transportation are relatively new and each relies on electricity, that doesn’t mean they’re similar in every way. 

Those who might be considering whether to purchase an eBike or electric car should be aware of what sets each apart from the other. Depending on your specific needs, you’ll find both advantages and disadvantages. What matters is choosing the vehicle that makes life easier and more exciting for you.

This article will examine seven reasons eBikes may be a better choice than electric vehicles. We’ll delve into what makes them unique and better for your health, the environment, and the world around you. We’ll also share some insight into the disadvantages so you can make an educated decision.

#1: Electric Bikes Are Less Expensive

One of the biggest advantages of eBikes is that they are often far less expensive than electric cars. While electric bikes are going to be more expensive than their older counterparts that don’t have a battery, they still tend to be much more economically reasonable than buying a car, especially an electric one. 

Of course, other items must be purchased to be safe using an electric bike. For instance, a good bike lock and a safe helmet are among the expenses that you may have on top of the e-bike itself. However, even taking that into account, the total purchase price will be much lower than it would be for a car. 

Another reason the price is lower for eBikes is that the batteries are less expensive to keep charged. In addition, items like parking fees and insurance are typically not associated with bikes, even the most modern and impressive ones.

#2: eBikes Are Smaller

Another significant advantage of eBikes compared to electric vehicles is the bike’s small size. Bikes of any kind are far smaller than cars. This means they take up less space on the road and can move around far easier. This can be very useful in big cities where congestion is a serious issue for people on their daily commute.

But the ability to quickly zip around streets isn’t the only reason size matters. Due to the minuscule size of the average electric bike, it can more easily be transported from one place to another. Bikes can be attached to a car for a move and taken across states or countries.

In addition, the size of eBikes today makes them accessible to a larger group of people. There’s no need to have a parking space or garage to keep them safe when not in use. Instead, e-Bikes can be stored in a shed or home and parked practically anywhere. The size is a huge advantage that cars simply do not offer.

#3: Electric Bikes Have Better Maneuverability

We mentioned this above, but eBikes are much easier to maneuver when you have places to be. A car is larger and bulkier, without the potential to maneuver around sharp turns and slip between large vehicles without a problem. Bikes can glide through traffic, even when the streets are clogged with commuters.

Electric bikes are lightweight and simple to handle, which makes them an excellent choice for navigating through tight streets, crowded areas, and small alleys. In addition, e-bikes don’t have to give up power to offer this higher level of maneuverability. The batteries ensure they can climb hills and handle even the toughest terrain.

There’s no need to worry about safety being an issue when using an eBike to get through a crowd. Most of them come with excellent safety features, such as rear and front lights, that make them easy to see from other vehicles. Both urban and suburban riders will find eBikes are a convenient method to get around all sorts of locations.

#4: eBikes Are Extremely Sustainable

One of the advantages of electric vehicles over traditional vehicles is the higher level of sustainability associated with them. As expected, that sustainability is also present for those who choose to get around using an eBike. However, electric bikes go beyond the sustainability of cars and are even better for the environment.

For instance, even though electric cars are more environmentally friendly, they still require a great deal of energy to operate. While some energy is needed to use an e-bike, it’s much less than even the smallest car. This makes the bike more sustainable in that way.

In addition, eBikes create absolutely no emissions. They are the greenest method to get around with the help of extra power, which makes them superior to electric cars. The lower environmental impact is something special to eBikes, and many riders choose them for that reason.

#5: Electric Bikes Provide Exercise

Exercise is something that many of us would do well to incorporate into our everyday lives. Thankfully, choosing to use an eBike offers a method to do exactly that. Riders get the convenience and freedom of enjoying an electric vehicle with the perks of burning a few calories in the process.

The rechargeable battery inside the eBike can help you get up hills and handle tough terrain, but when you pedal, you put energy back into it. This lets you go quicker and farther than you might on a traditional bike since you have a reserve of power to help you when you need it.

While you coast across the city on an electric bike, you can enjoy a fantastic workout without ever stepping foot into a gym. They can also be helpful for those who aren’t used to exercise (or who have physical limitations) to ease into cycling. They can be used for everything from leisure riding to commuting and off-road adventures.

#6: eBikes Can Access Unique Locations

We’ve talked about how eBikes cost less, take up less space, and maneuver better than cars. They are more sustainable and offer a great way to exercise. Another perk of eBikes compared to electric cars is related to all the locations where eBikes can be used. With cars, there are many limitations but with bikes; there’s a bit more freedom.

Have you ever found yourself stuck in traffic in a car or truck? You might notice that bikes are zooming down the bicycle lane and wish that could be you. That’s something that could be a reality for you when you choose an eBike to take yourself to places near and far. You have more options about where to go and how to get there.

Bike lanes are not the only place that eBikes can venture, which cars cannot. Think about narrow streets, small alleys, and bike trails that crisscross many major cities (and even smaller towns). Some of these are impossible for cars to access, but eBikes can easily use them to get places fast.

#7: Electric Bikes Are Simpler to Maintain

The final reason that many people will find eBikes better than EVs is related to the level of maintenance that each requires. We talked a bit about this under the costs section, but it bares sharing a bit more information so you can make the right choice for yourself. Bikes are easier to maintain, and what maintenance is needed tends to be less expensive.

For instance, let’s say you need to replace a part of your bicycle. The cost might be more than it would be for a traditional bike. However, it’s going to be far less expensive than the parts associated with a vehicle. You also have less to maintain overall. While you might need to spend a decent chunk for car oil changes, they don’t exist for eBikes.

Most of the maintenance needed for an eBike can be done in the comfort of your own home. Even if you choose to have an expert take over the work, it’s likely to be quicker and easier for them than repairing an electric vehicle. That means you’ll be right back on your bike and back to enjoying all the other advantages we’ve talked about.

Final Thoughts

There are tons of advantages to choosing an electric bike as opposed to getting an electric car. Easier maintenance, access to exciting locations, less expensive prices, and the ability to exercise all fall to the side of eBikes. However, that doesn’t mean that choosing an EV is wrong if it’s the decision that works best for you.

As an example, an electric car is going to have a more robust battery and be capable of going a longer distance without a charge. If you’re someone who takes long road trips, this might mean an electric is a better choice for you. The same applies if you like to drive around with passengers and lots of luggage.

When it all comes down to it, your preferences will determine whether an eBike or electric car is the right choice for you. Make sure you consider your preferences and needs and compare the two options. Whatever makes sense for you as a person is the direction you should lean in.


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