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Featured E-Bike Brand Reviews

Reviews and discounts from top electric bike feature brands.

Vanmoof Review and Discounts
Vanmoof Review and Discounts

Sleek city-proof, minimalist, smooth riding commuter electric bikes.


Ride1Up offers comfortable high-performance affordable electric bikes.

Rad Power Bikes
Rad Power Bikes

Rad Power Bikes - Award-Winning Electric Bike Company

Juiced Bikes
Juiced Bikes

High-performance electric bikes with industry-leading premium features.

Top E-Bike Reviews

Find unbiased reviews, discounts, and coupon offers for the latest electric bikes.

Zooz Urban Ultralight 750 Review and Discount

A zippy, fun, fast e-bike with a sort of BMX style unique to it's own

Buzz Bicycles – Cerana E-bike Review

MId-Drive E-Bike Bargain that's hard to pass up.

Super73 S-Series Electric Motorbike Review

Super73 S-Series – A Fast, Fun E-bike with a Cool Motorbike Look 


The evolution of the bicycle as a means of transportation is evident with the Priority Current.

RadRunner 1 Electric Utility Bike – Review + Coupon

The future of short-range transportation is here, and without a doubt, there's an electric utility bike that suits your need.

Best Deals on E-Bikes and Gear

Get the best deal on e-bikes and gear while they last!

Get $300 off Juiced RipCurrent S with Black Friday

Was $2,699.00 Now $2,399.00

$150 off Roadster V2

Was $1,095.00 Now $955.00
Radrunner Bundle Deal Winter
$250 off
Rad Power Bikes Radrunner Bundle Deal

Was $1,650.00 Now $1,400.00

$200 off CrossCurrent X Step-Through

Was $2,199.00 Now $1,999.00

$250 off the LECTRIC XP Step-Thru + 4 Accessories

Was $1,199.00 Now $949.00

E-bike Guides and Articles

Find guides, articles, and info related to all things e-bikes.

E-bike Showdown: Mid-drive vs. Hub Motor Performance and Value
05 Oct

When it’s time to pick out an e-bike, there are some important details to consider in the design and build of the bike you choose. Electric bikes come...

Folding Electric Bikes – Are they any Good?
08 Jun

Being to Fold your E-bike Sounds Great but what are the Drawbacks?  E-bikes are convenient lifestyle tools that bring with them their own advantages and disadvantages. E-bikes incorporate...

What to Consider Before Buying Your New Electric Bike
08 Jun

So you’ve thought about buying an electric bike? It turns out you’re not alone. E-bikes have garnered a ton of attention and subsequent popularity over the last few...