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Top E-Bike Feature Brand Reviews

Reviews and discounts from top electric bike feature brands.

Haoqi Bike Company
Haoqi Bike Company

Haoqi E-bikes - Easy to assemble Fat Tire Electric Bikes shipped directly from California.

Fiido Electric Bikes
Fiido Electric Bikes

Fiido Bikes makes lightweight yet durable foldable electric bikes.

Engwe Bikes
Engwe Bikes

Affordable and powerful folding electric mountain bikes.

Charge Electric Bikes
Charge Electric Bikes

Whether on trails or city rides, Charge Bikes are easy to own and fun to ride.

Cannondale E-Bikes
Cannondale E-Bikes

Rugged electric bikes with up to 105mi range Bosch motors.

Buzz Bikes - Electric Bicycles
Buzz Bikes - Electric Bicycles

Buzz E-Bikes produces quality e-bikes at an affordable mid-range price point.

Bunch Bikes
Bunch Bikes

Front-load family Electric Bikes designed to carry kids and dogs.

Blix Electric Bikes Review and Coupon
Blix Electric Bikes Review and Coupon

Electric bikes that offer style, performance, and utility.

Top E-Bike Reviews

Find unbiased reviews, discounts, and coupon offers for the latest electric bikes.

Zooz Urban Ultralight 750 Review and Discount

A zippy, fun, fast e-bike with a sort of BMX style unique to it's own

Buzz Bicycles – Cerana E-bike Review

MId-Drive E-Bike Bargain that's hard to pass up.

Super73 S-Series Electric Motorbike Review

Super73 S-Series – A Fast, Fun E-bike with a Cool Motorbike Look 


The evolution of the bicycle as a means of transportation is evident with the Priority Current.

RadRunner 1 Electric Utility Bike – Review + Coupon

The future of short-range transportation is here, and without a doubt, there's an electric utility bike that suits your need.

Best Deals on E-Bikes and Gear

Get the best deal on e-bikes and gear while they last!

Get $200 off Juiced RipCurrent S

Was $2,699.00 Now $2,499.00

$90 off Roadster V2

Was $1,095.00 Now $1,005.00
Radrunner Bundle Deal Fall
$250 off
Rad Power Bikes Radrunner Bundle Deal

Was $1,650.00 Now $1,400.00

$200 off CrossCurrent X Step-Through

Was $2,199.00 Now $1,999.00

$100 off the LECTRIC XP Step-Thru

Was $1,099.00 Now $999.00

E-bike Guides and Articles

Find guides, articles, and info related to all things e-bikes.

E-bike Showdown: Mid-drive vs. Hub Motor Performance and Value
05 Oct

When it’s time to pick out an e-bike, there are some important details to consider in the design and build of the bike you choose. Electric bikes come...

Folding Electric Bikes – Are they any Good?
08 Jun

Being to Fold your E-bike Sounds Great but what are the Drawbacks?  E-bikes are convenient lifestyle tools that bring with them their own advantages and disadvantages. E-bikes incorporate...

What to Consider Before Buying Your New Electric Bike
08 Jun

So you’ve thought about buying an electric bike? It turns out you’re not alone. E-bikes have garnered a ton of attention and subsequent popularity over the last few...