08 Jun

What to Consider Before Buying Your New Electric Bike

So you’ve thought about buying an electric bike? It turns out you’re not alone.

E-bikes have garnered a ton of attention and subsequent popularity over the last few years. What was once an obscure, niche buy has gained new popularity, innovation, production has improved e-bikes and driven prices down. Whether you’re looking to explore national parks or want to cruise around your city, there is an e-bike out for you.

The different sizes, shapes, and performance levels these bikes offer can be daunting when considering purchasing one. While prices have, in general, gone down in the space, an e-bike is still no small purchase. To know what bike you want, first, you must ask yourself this: What are you looking for in a bike?

Why Do People Buy E-Bikes?

There are a wide variety of reasons as to why people would choose an e-bike over a more conventional option. Between ease of use, increased mobility, and the ability to consistently achieve a degree of speed that wasn’t possible before, it’s no wonder they’re gaining such a prominent following.

Let’s break down some of the key reasons behind their rise.

They’re Economical

E-bikes have a variety of benefits and uses that make them an excellent investment. As far as a medium of transportation goes, they are an incredibly economical choice. If you live in a big city or a place with many bike routes, you could theoretically replace your everyday vehicle entirely.

Commuting to work, going to the bank, or even going to the grocery store quickly becomes much cheaper if you can do so with an e-bike.

They’re Good For The Environment

This form of transportation is great for the environment. Because electric bikes don’t burn fuel, they leave an exceedingly small carbon footprint. Not only do they not impact the environment, but they are quite efficient at transporting people, often at reasonably fast speeds as well.

You Can Ride Faster And Longer Than On Traditional Bikes

“Pedelec” type e-bikes, the most common type of e-bikes, read how much pressure is put on the petals and will automatically apply power as needed, assisting the rider along the way.

Because of this, the rider can attain and maintain speeds that they might not regularly be able to reach or certainly endure for long distances. Seasoned rider or novice, e-bikes have the power and capacity to make you feel bionic.

Things to Think About When Buying an E-Bike

When considering investing in an e-bike, there are several key factors to keep in mind to help guide you. As with any significant purchase, you should exercise due diligence to assess your specific needs and situation to better inform your final decision.

What Kind Of Riding Do do You Want To Do?

What’s your goal with your e-bike? Do you want to cruise on the beach? Commute to work? Maybe you’re looking to hit the hills of the local park?

When buying a bike, you have to consider all of these things because if you’re mainly doing one thing, you want to get the right bike for what you’re trying to do.

How Far Do You Want To Go?

Range is an essential factor to consider when buying an e-bike. If you, for example, buy an e-bike thinking it would be perfect for replacing your car on your commute to work, you need to ensure that the bike you buy has the power to get you to work and back home.

After all, a dead e-bike is basically a regular bike, just much heavier. If you don’t want to end up dragging your transportation home, you need to make sure that it has a suitable range for you.

What Kind Of Frame Interests You The Most?

Are you looking for a casual city commute? Maybe a folding bike will be right up your alley. Great with space but sacrificing a bit of range for a decrease in overall size. If you’re a shorter individual or can’t lift your legs very high, you may want to consider a step-thru.

The step-thru design allows for you to quickly board and dismount with no problem. The type of frame an e-bike comes with will change the whole experience, so research types before you jump and buy.

What Is More Important, Style Or Comfort?

When you get your new e-bike, are you looking to cruise in absolute comfort over long distances? Or are you looking to stun the neighborhood on a sleek, futuristic e-bike?

Some don’t care about aesthetics, as long as the functionality and comfort are there, while some people can’t get past visuals. If you’re going to spend $800 to a couple of thousand dollars on a purchase, you might as well enjoy looking at it.

How Much Do You Want To Spend?

Let’s get down to the brass tacks. How much do you want to spend on this e-bike? While the prices have been in steady decline over the last few years as technology advances, e-bikes are not what most people consider to be cheap. At the low end, you can expect to pay no less than around $700. The high end of that could easily add a zero to that number.

Remember that you have to pay for quality, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money on expensive, but lacking, e-bikes. Consumer reviews can be your best friend outside of giving it a test drive yourself.

What Is Your Level Of Biking Experience?

This part is an honest assessment of your level of experience. Most people can ride a bike, but many of us haven’t in quite a while. It may be best to leave more advanced bikes to those that ride daily or weekly as part of a routine.

Also, don’t be lulled into a false sense of security by the power your bike offers and bite off more than you can chew.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, e-bikes are incredibly varied, and there are many things to think about when considering purchasing one. From hill climbers to street crawlers, there’s an e-bike out there for everyone. To ensure that you don’t feel the bitter sting of buyers’ remorse, make sure that your bike has the range to fit your use. After all, nothing’s worse than a dead e-bike.

Also, make sure your bike’s capabilities match your desired use. Street cruisers often aren’t designed to take on steep hills, and you may find the power you need lacking. Always keep in mind your desired frame and, overall, the price. Keep all these things in mind, and you’re sure to love your e-bike for years to come.


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